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Rice Varieties
Rice Varieties India
Organic Basmati Rice, Long / Medium Grain (Raw, Silky, Parboiled) Rice, Brown Basmati Rice, Parboiled Basmati Rice, Round / Short Grain Rice (Raw, Parboiled)
Our Location
Rice Trader India

M/s Sagar Chand Prabhu Dayal

3955/2, Naya Bazaar
Delhi - 110 006, India

Tel: +91 (0)11 23934104
Mob: +91 (0) 9310218442

About Us
India is one of the major Rice Exporting Nation and we are proud to be one of the rice traders from India. We actively started contributing to the Rice Trade in India from 1991 onwards. Since then we have delivered all kind of rice varieties to the major cities in India. We deals in all major rice varieties like Basmati Rice, Dubar, Tiwar, Kinki, Sela, Sarbati etc.
Our Vision
Our vision is to bring the indian basmati rice and other rice varieties trade at new highs with laurels.
Our Mission
To nourish and flourish the world with the prestigious and true shine of Indian Rice.

We are also associated with Major Rice Millers in India especially from North India. Here is some past trade scenario of the Indian Rice.

Average Annual Production: 85 million MT, Self Consumption: 40% of 85 million MT, Traded: 60% of 85 million MT, Avearge GOI Procurement: 22 million MT, Exports: 2.2 million MT, Indian Rice Trade: 26.8 million MT.
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